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As promised our new bumper GEMonline timetable is here!

We all know this is a difficult and challenging time for many people and want to do everything we can to support you during this period. Therefore, we have launched our new GEMonline timetable filled with employability, skills, wellbeing and social sessions to keep you entertained whilst also supporting your mental health and employability journey.

As well as our usual workshops and activities we have a great range of new sessions for you to try from Laughter Yoga to Job Clubs.

We’ve got some new Basic Skills based sessions to help boost your confidence with our Brush up your English workshops, as well as job clubs covering Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and Cotswold based areas.

Wellbeing is once again high on our agenda, so we’ve introduced a range of new sessions to run alongside our existing wellbeing and social activities, including a Lunchtime Stretch and Train session, Make your own Mosaic workshop, Time out on Tuesday session, Walk in Nature activity, Journaling for Positivity and our Music and Song Singalong has returned. We will also be hosting a livestreamed session on our GEM Facebook page providing an insight to our Wellbeing Workshop.

On top of this, we will also be delivering several new skill sessions including Creative Speech and Self Expression, Understanding Discrimination in the Workplace and Mental Health Awareness.

As always GEMonline is free, easy to access and open to everyone so please spread the word so we can support as many people as possible during this time.

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 18th January - 26th February. 


by Nikki Davies

Our priority is always to continue to support you with your journey.

Although we were initially planning to launch our new #GEMonline timetable around 18th January, after last night's news we have pulled together a small #GEMonline programme to help support you through the following week. 

Our new bumper timetable will be released week commencing 11th January week to help us all get through this next lockdown, filled with plenty of wellbeing, social and employability based sessions.

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 11th January to 15th January. 

by Nikki Davies

Our final #GEMonline timetable for 2020 has been published!

December's timetable is once again full of our usual employability based workshops including our General Careers Advice session, Job Searching Tips, Drafting your Cover Letter and Transferable Skills

We have also introduced some more new activities this month including a Wild Classrooms session thanks to Stroud Valleys Project and a new Cookery Corner workshop; looking at how you can create delicious meals from cupboard essentials, with a festive twist on this month's session. 

Also, don't forget our new Decision Making and Assertiveness course which begins on Monday 30th November and will run until Monday 21st December, designed to help you explore how you can become more confident when stepping into new situations or meeting new people. 

Although we will be taking a break with GEMonline after 18th December, our timetable will be returning mid January filled with employability, skills and wellbeing based sessions to help you kickstart your 2021 GEM journey. 

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 7th December to 18th December

by Nikki Davies

After the recent news about England entering another lockdown from Thursday 5th November, we were even more determined to make sure our #GEMonline timetable for November was filled with sessions to support your employability journey and just as important, your general health and wellbeing. 

Therefore, this month, not only do we have our usual workshops featuring on the timetable but have put together some new activities to ensure we can continue to provide you with help and support during this time. 

Alongside our usual Mock Interviews, Transferable Skills, Job Searching Tips and Confidence Building for Job Seekers session, we've also reintroduced our Interview Skills session, thanks to David at Your Talent Solutions, alongside a new Drafting Your Cover Letter session and reinvented CV and Cover Letter Workshop

We've also got a new Decision Making and Assertiveness course beginning on Monday 30th November to help you explore how you can become more confident when stepping into new situations or meeting new people. 

Our popular Group Wellbeing Workshop is returning, as well as a new Create Connections session on a Friday morning, evolved from our previous Creative Stressbusters session and designed to help people build friendships and support each other online by building connections and sharing stress busting techniques. 

As we move into December, we are also excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever virtual GEM Christmas Craft Fair; showcasing some of our brilliant GEMs who have set up their own businesses and will be promoting their items for you to browse. Watch this space for more details about this event coming soon. 

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 9th November to 4th December

by Nikki Davies

After the great success of our recent 'Helping you to become job ready week' in September, we decided to introduce all of these employability based sessions into our monthly GEMonline timetable to ensure we are fully supporting you with your GEM journey.  

From job searching tips to transferable skills, and careers advice to confidence building for job seekers, all of our sessions are designed to help you move closer towards or into work. 

What's more we've introduced a new skills based workshop which is kindly being delivered by one of our former GEMs Andrew; How to make a podcast. These sessions are being held over the next four weeks and cover some of the key themes to consider when making a podcast, including the art of listening and asking the right questions; important skills that can also be transferred into other areas of your employability journey. 

Wellbeing is also high on our agenda, particularly as we head into the darker months and with World Mental Health Day on 10th October. Therefore, our brilliant Magic Workshop will once again be hosted by Tony as well as our Wednesday morning Yoga sessions with former GEM Lisa. 

We also have the opportunity to hold another Group wellbeing workshop exclusively for GEM participants so please get in touch with your Navigator Developer if you would be interested in this free course. 

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 5th October to 30th October

by Nikki Davies

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