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We're pleased to announce that our new #GEMonline timetable for August has been published. 

Next month sees the return of some of our popular employability sessions including Job Searching Tips, Mock Interviews and Presentation Skills, as well as our Interview Skills workshop kindly hosted by our brilliant partner Laenus and a new CV tips workshop delivered by our Navigator Developer Sarah. 

We're also excited to build on our wellbeing activities offered including the launch of a new Chair Yoga session, designed for those who may have mobility issues or would prefer a gentle form of yoga, and a Magic Workshop delivered by our Opportunity Hunter Tony.

Confidence building is also proven to be a popular subject so we have also introduced a new Confidence building for job seekers session to our timetable to help people focus on their positives to support the next step in their journey. 

What's more, we also have a Business Planning and Cashflow Forecasting workshop for people who are considering self-employment, as well as our popular general GEM Project introduction sessions. 

Click here for our #GEMonline timetable covering 27th July until 4th September.

#GEMonline timetable for August

by Nikki Davies