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As we move into June, we are really grateful for the support we have continually received from our partners and other external organisations which has enabled us to help grow our #GEMonline portfolio.

Not only do we now have various regular activities, including our Mock Interviews, Yoga session, Music and Song Singalong and Creative Stressbusters, each week has provided the opportunity for people to learn a new skill or take part in a different activity to help their wellbeing. Next week is no different as professional chef Laurence Freshwater will be joining our GEMonline programme, sharing some of his top cookery tips including how to cut an onion without crying!

We will also be holding another Stay and Play at Home session with PATA, so for any of you with younger children, this is the perfect activity to keep them entertained on a Monday morning.

Below is the programme of activity planned for week commencing 1st June.

#GEMonline timetable for week commencing 1st June

If you have any ideas or suggestions for our GEMonline timetable, please let us know by emailing

#GEMonline Timetable for week commencing 1st June

by Nikki Davies