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Working together with GEM you can:

Access a significant pool of talent to acquire the best person for the job.

Improve morale, performance and bottom line results.

Enhance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

The GEM Project has been awarded almost £3.2 million to support people in Gloucestershire who are unemployed and currently dealing with circumstances that are potentially causing barriers to work.

This programme’s core objective is to move these people closer towards education, training, volunteering or work, including self-employment.

This programme is a unique and unprecedented partnership of community based organisations, managed by Gloucestershire Gateway Trust (GGT) on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council. Each partner has committed to work collaboratively to help individuals with any needs or requirements to overcome any barriers they may have and effectively improve their lives.

Lead by example and be a part of something great in building a better community and business environment in Gloucestershire.

Opportunity hunters

The GEM Project employs two Opportunity Hunters whose role is to engage with and support local employers to identify potential work related opportunities for GEM individuals. 

Opportunity Hunter

Sue Guilding

  •  07387100969

Sue has worked as a teacher / trainer / assessor in local schools and colleges for over twenty years. She relishes the opportunity of working with individuals, to enable them to reach their full potential. Sue also works as a food consultant in both the voluntary and private sectors, and so the role of Opportunity Hunter enables her to link these areas to help develop a range of sustainable outcomes for project individuals.

Business Sector Areas covered:

  • Business & Admin
  • Food Service & Accommodation
  • Retail
  • Tourism & Recreation

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Opportunity Hunter

Tony Solomon

  •  07387 100970

With over 25 years’ experience in senior financial services marketing roles, Tony now devotes his time to the voluntary / not for profit sector. He is presently chair of Fredericks Foundation Gloucestershire, St Michaels Cornerstone Trust and a director and trustee of Fresh Hope. Tony is passionate about helping others to reach their potential and is relishing the challenge of helping employers in Gloucestershire to recognise and realise the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Business Sector Areas covered:

  • Construction
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Land Based & Green Infrastructure

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Latest News

They help employers to recognise and realise the benefits of employing a diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as supporting businesses in understanding and meeting individual needs. This can include support with disability awareness training, advice on reasonable workplace adjustments and access to funding towards equipment and adaptations.

Did you know?

One third of all employees are disabled or close to a disabled person. Disabled people represent one in five of the working age population. Three quarters of disabled people acquire their disability as adults.

Who’s involved

who's involved

Business Sector Leads have been appointed from both the VCSE and business community, to focus on the early identification of future employment opportunities across Gloucestershire, especially those in the predicted employment growth sectors identified in the LEP’s strategic economic plan.

These 8 identified sector leads cover the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Health & Well-being
  • Retail
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Land Based & Green Infrastructure
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Food Services & Accommodation
  • Business & Admin

The GEM Project is keen to engage with organisations in other sectors, so please get in touch even if you think your business doesn’t fit into one of these sectors.

Business Sectors


The GEM Project provides a great platform to support your business with a number of key benefits.

You will be helping to reduce or remove the reliance of many previously long-term unemployed people on the benefits system and social services and helping to create a fairer society for all.

Providing opportunities for vulnerable people within our community can enhance your brand and provide valuable and rewarding opportunities to develop the skills and expertise of your staff team.

Become an ambassador of the GEM Project and reap the benefits including:


Free support

Our Opportunity Hunters will provide dedicated help and support to ensure you can provide the best possible options to individuals signed up to the GEM Project.


Diverse Workforce

The opportunity to explore and recruit from a more diverse and talented workforce, with different abilities, often recently trained in a specialism and determined and dedicated to work.



All businesses working with GEM will also be promoted through various channels to showcase their support to the project. GEM will be developing a series of success stories to actively promote in the media.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Your organisation can actively demonstrate its commitment to CSR, by putting it at the heart of your business – taking action and fulfilling your objectives, adding value to your workplace.

How can you help?

Simply by offering our GEM individuals a chance. From work experience opportunities to mock interview support, any activities which help to support and strengthen the GEM Project. This could include:

Job Opportunities

Keep our Opportunity Hunters notified of any job vacancies on offer at your company. This could be anything from 1 hour a day to a full-time position.

Apprenticeships and Training

Offer apprenticeships, traineeships, work placements or any possible training opportunities.

Interview Skills and Support

Provide support to help build the individual’s confidence and self-esteem, from mock interviews and job preparation techniques to mentoring and job shadowing opportunities. Work with our Opportunity Hunters to provide a more supportive interview process.

“Experience” days

Deliver site / office visits to allow individuals the opportunity to experience different working environments and help with their decision making.

Voluntary Work

Provide volunteering opportunities for individuals to help gain relevant experience in their preferred industry.


Offer meeting and event rooms at a reduced rate and provide any relevant resources which may help benefit the project as a whole.


Sarah O'Grady

Having Natalie around has made a huge difference. She is a joy to have around.

Richard Martin

It’s been a pleasure to be involved in this process and we will be looking to hold further practice interviews to support more people.

Stuart Curtis

Without a doubt, I would recommend the GEM Project.