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As we move into June, we are really grateful for the support we have continually received from our partners and other external organisations which has enabled us to help grow our #GEMonline portfolio.

Not only do we now have various regular activities, including our Mock Interviews, Yoga session, Music and Song Singalong and Creative Stressbusters, each week has provided the opportunity for people to learn a new skill or take part in a different activity to help their wellbeing. Next week is no different as professional chef Laurence Freshwater will be joining our GEMonline programme, sharing some of his top cookery tips including how to cut an onion without crying!

We will also be holding another Stay and Play at Home session with PATA, so for any of you with younger children, this is the perfect activity to keep them entertained on a Monday morning.

Below is the programme of activity planned for week commencing 1st June.

#GEMonline timetable for week commencing 1st June

If you have any ideas or suggestions for our GEMonline timetable, please let us know by emailing

by Nikki Davies

Even with the Bank Holiday break, we still have a busy week of sessions from Tuesday 26th May to help you with your employability journey and wellbeing. 

Our Opportunity Hunter Tony will be kicking off on Tuesday morning with a session on top tips to consider when making public presentations, followed with our usual mock interview slot with both Tony and Sue. Our partner Laenus will also be joining us again next week with their Interview Skills workshop to provide you with some top tips to make sure any future interviews are a success. 

After two successful quiz’s we have another quiz to bring you with next week’s theme focused on Wildlife and Nature; as well as our Music and Song singalong session, ever growing yoga class and our Creative Stressbusters activity, to all help with your social wellbeing and mental health.

We also have two new sessions next week, including a Body Talk for Women session hosted by our partner The Nelson Trust, a particularly important topic especially during this time, as well as our first cookery based session; Breaditation. This activity will provide you with the opportunity to bake bread with our host John whilst he takes you through a mindful exercise to help relieve any stress.

Below is the programme of activity planned for week commencing 25th May

#GEMonline timetable for week commencing 25th May

Remember, #GEMonline is free, easy to access and open to everyone. 

by Nikki Davies

We're really excited to announce our upcoming #GEMonline Careers Event on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May. 

This event is designed for anyone considering their career options including jobseekers, young people making education choices and those who may be facing redundancy during this turbulent time.

We have put together a great timetable of speakers across the two days covering a wide range of industry sectors from Accountancy to Video Production and Manufacturing to Care and Support Work.

Click here for our #GEMonline Careers Event timetable

Please note as our event runs over two days, there are two separate registration links:

#GEMonline Careers Day 1 - Wednesday 20th May

#GEMonline Careers Day 2 - Thursday 21st May

We also have an exciting new addition to add to our Careers Event timetable: 

This is an extremely important sector in Gloucestershire so we are delighted to add this speaker to our event. 

The event has been set up so that you are able to join and leave the webinar throughout the day; the event is completely flexible to your interests and the sessions that you would like to view.

You are also able to join the event and remain completely anonymous with no being ‘on camera’, you will simply be logging in to watch a speaker(s) on your screen. You will also have the opportunity to ask our speakers questions which can be done via a chat function.

What's more, we have made our event even more accessible for people and will be live streaming both days through our Facebook page. Simply like our GEM Project Facebook page before Wednesday to access this. GEM Project Facebook Page


This event is open to anyone including:

  • GEM participants and other adults looking to move into or closer to employment
  • students considering their career options and education choices
  • individuals interested in developing their career options including those who have recently lost their job or may be at risk of redundancy.

This event is completely free and easy for you to access. We hope you enjoy our #GEMonline Careers Event. 

by Nikki Davies

Our #GEMonline timetable for next week is filled with some great sessions, including our jam-packed Careers Event on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May.

To compliment our Careers Event, we also have several other activities to further support individuals with their employment journey, including a session discussing some of the points to consider when looking to start your own business hosted by Co-operative Futures, along with our Navigator Developer based at GRCC looking at the importance of LinkedIn and how to use this effectively.

Our partner Fair Shares is returning with another photography tips session and our regular slots on the timetable continue to grow with our Music and Song ‘Singalong’ session also joining this list, alongside our Yoga, Creative Stressbusters and Stay and Play at Home activities. 

Below is the programme of activity planned for week commencing 18th May. 

#GEMonline timetable for week commencing 18th May

Our #GEMonline Careers Event is full of short talks from employers across Gloucestershire covering a huge range of sectors. You can find the full timetable and relevant information about this event here:

Please note there are two separate registration links for the event:

#GEMonline Careers Day 1 - Wednesday 20th May

#GEMonline Careers Day 2 - Thursday 21st May

Attendees are able to join and leave throughout the day; the event is completely flexible to their interests and the sessions they would like to view.

All of these activities are open to everyone, so please continue to keep spreading the word so we can help as many people as possible during this time.

by Nikki Davies

Week commencing 11th May brings another set of great sessions including several regular activities which we are really pleased to keep delivering through our #GEMonline timetable. This includes our Creative Stressbusters session with Art Shape, our Stay and Play at Home music activity with PATA and of course our popular Yoga session with Lisa.

After a fantastic quiz on Wednesday 6th May hosted by Emily from Inclusion Gloucestershire, we are bringing you another quiz thanks to the team at Forwards Gloucestershire, so make sure you take some time to brush up on your superhero knowledge ready for Thursday 14th May.

We're also really pleased to welcome back Chris from BBC Radio Gloucestershire who will be sharing his top tips to confidently capture video on your smartphone, which is also a great next step for those who took part in Fair Shares' previous photography tips session.

Below is the programme of activity planned for week commencing 11th May. 

#GEMonline timetable for week commencing 11th May

As always, remember #GEMonline is open to everyone – it’s free and easy to join so please keep spreading the word so everyone is able to enjoy these activities.

by Nikki Davies

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