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The outbreak of COVID-19 resulted in widespread disruption for the North Cotswold’s as it has across the country. In order to continue helping people who are facing uncertainty and require support into employment, our Navigator Developer Daniel Gale based at GRCC along with P3 Moreton adapted their previous job club to an online job support club to ensure that they could continue providing job advice and help during this time.

This digital job club approach has also proved beneficial in other ways; it has removed barriers such as transport issues and also allowed for more people to attend, as previously numbers were restricted due to the room size.

Over the last few months, the club has hosted a number of speakers that have offered a plethora of advice and knowledge to attendees. Speakers from Christians Against Poverty, the Churn Project and Volunteers from Cotswold’s Friends, as well as our GEM Opportunity Hunters have all supported the online job club. When the club was held physically, speakers were often harder to come by due to transport and availability, so this has opened up even more opportunities.

Not only has the job club benefitted attendees in a professional capacity, but also in a social one. It has provided numerous digital social interactions and individuals have noted it is one of the more social activities they do in a week due to the isolated nature of the North Cotswolds.

The job club is there to support attendees in moving closer towards or into work and has resulted in people finding employment, self-employment and volunteering opportunities.

If you would like to attend this job club, it takes place every Tuesday from 3pm-4pm via Google Meet. You can access this via this link:

North Cotswold's online job club: here to support you with finding work

by Nikki Davies