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How can I
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Do you want to move closer towards education, training or work including self-employment?

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Do you want to hire a diverse work force and create opportunities for people in your community?

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See who’s involved in this social initiative project as part of a unique and unprecedented partnership.

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The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Project is committed to helping people overcome challenges to employment and move them closer towards or into work, including self-employment. 

This programme will reconnect people with their local services through their communities and ultimately help them achieve their desired outcome, whether through a working or educational related route. The GEM Project understands that everyone is unique, with different needs and requirements, impacting on their step into the world of employment, education or training.

The GEM Project is jointly funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

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Move forward with the Gem Project.

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GEM: Lottery and EU funded


It’s been evidently clear that wellbeing has been at the forefront of most people’s minds over the last 10 months. Therefore, we are extremely proud to announce that whilst the GEM Project is predominately an employability-based programme, our latest GEM Interim Monitoring and Evaluation report has found that in 2020 the all-round wellbeing of participants has taken centre stage.

The GEM Project proves it truly does Go the Extra Mile; putting its GEMs at the heart of the project

by Nikki Davies

As we near the end of 2020, this year has definitely been a challenging and uncertain time. Despite this, we have continued to support our GEMs as much as possible throughout the pandemic with our #GEMonline timetable.

A massive GEMonline Thank You

by Nikki Davies

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