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Our Navigator Developers truly are amazing people. Working with GEM participant's on a 1:1 basis, they offer personalised support to anyone signed up to the GEM Project to help them uncover their true career aspirations and move closer towards or into work. From self employment opportunities to simply building confidence to start a course, our Navigator Developers will work with our GEM's step by step to achieve their goals. 

Meet our Navigator Developer Daniel Gale who is based at our partner organisation GRCC. He recently supported a GEM participant and this is what he had to say about the support he received from Daniel. 

"I have been working with Daniel Gale through the GEM Project. He has given me the time, support and approach to help me progress my confidence and independence. 

I am hoping it will help build on the confidence he has given me to engage with the organisation, his approach made me feel like he was dealing with me and not my barriers in life. 

Daniel has supported a Blue badge application, a PIP re-assessment and home seekers in our time together. This is on top of building a business plan together, to help me take on my passion/training that I've always wanted to do, but never thought possible. 

I wanted to pass on my gratitude for all he has done." 

Sam - GEM Participant 

If you're struggling to find work and feel like you may need a bit of extra support to take your next steps, get in touch with the GEM team today on 01452 699741 or email 

Our Navigator Developers may support our GEM's, but they should also be treasured for the work that they do

by Nikki Davies