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Jo Mansell

Stroud District Furniture Bank CIC Manager

The Stroud District Furniture Bank has been working with one of our GEM individuals and has now offered him a full time position.

Josh initially joined the Stroud District Furniture Bank on a work placement. During this time, he showed a real positive energy and we immediately knew he would be an asset to our team. Over this period of time, his attitude and willingness to work improved, with him using his own initiative and dealing with any issues in a professional manner.

We have now employed Josh as a full time Driving Assistant to support the team. Following his appraisal, we will be looking to offer him a more defined role based on what he enjoys doing, along with more training opportunities to develop his skills and provide a higher level of responsibility to his work.

I would definitely recommend the GEM Project to other organisations; it offers a very supportive environment, providing the opportunity to give capable and determined individuals the chance to excel. There have been times in the early stages that we needed some extra support yet Josh’s Navigator Developer has been on hand to offer any assistance required.