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Tim was referred to GEM as he was keen to get back into work but was struggling to do this by himself. He continually felt anxious and depressed, was socially isolated and felt a complete sense of worthlessness with his life, therefore knew he needed help to find employment.

After working with his Navigator Developer, it was suggested for him to get involved with the ‘Come Grow With Us’ allotment project in partnership with CCP to help improve his mental health and build his confidence again before entering the world of work.

“It’s great doing something that feels worthwhile, I didn’t realise how powerful it is getting back to earth. There are so many benefits to the allotment project; it helps me socially, meeting and interacting with people. We are all here for similar reasons, needing a little extra help and we all share a common understanding.

Before, I had an issue of having nothing to do, nothing worthwhile which doesn’t help when you feel really depressed, so by working together and sharing knowledge has really helped the “real root” of combating my social isolation. There is a real communal feeling at the allotment.”

Organised by CCP, the Come Grow With Us project is funded by the Postcode Lottery and is designed to help clients meet new people, reduce mental health issues and learn new skills under the supervision of an expert gardener through various volunteering opportunities on their allotments.

For more information about the project or to start volunteering at the allotment, get in touch with Sam Henson on

Tim's 'Green Fingers' helps lead to a clearer mind

by Nikki Davies